Client Testimonials

January 25, 2016

I am impressed with the quality of work that resulted from MedPlace. They completed all site visits and medical record reviews at a pace that was acceptable to my department. The sites provided positive feedback about the Auditors.  We will keep Med Place as a contact for other projects in Florida.

– Compliance Officer/ Health Insurance Organization in Miami, FL


October 5, 2015

My office contracted Med Place to help our  consultants with HEDIS Audits in Central & South Florida. The staff assigned to this project by Med Place have knowledge and experience working with HEDIS Audits. They were pleasant to work with and completed the project quickly. Our company does not usually use agencies to hire for permanent positions but we have extended offers to two of the staff that worked the last project. Looking forward to working with Med Place in the upcoming year.

– Consulting Organization  in New York, NY


May 19, 2011

There are many changes occurring in the staffing industry. It is great to know that Med Place answers the phone 24/7. We have stopped using other agencies because they do not answer on the weekends, holidays and nights. We value your work ethic and look forward to continuing to work with you and your team.

– Nursing Home in South Florida


May 18, 2011

Our agency has recently started using Med Place Staffing Solutions for our continuous care nursing needs. We have found the nurses to be professional and well trained, even with a difficult patient who had a tracheostomy and needed frequent suctioning and tube feeding. The office manager takes a personal interest in all cases, the response time in getting a nurse to the home is very acceptable and the phone is answered twenty four hours a day.

I would personally recommend Med Place.

– Hospice Organization in Fort Lauderdale, FL


May 11, 2011

Our company works with insurance companies to provide assessments and medical care to their patients throughout the United States. Med Place Staffing Solutions has taken the time to analyze our staffing needs and work with our HR department to provide a plan of action for our current projects.

We utilize Med Place’s services for supplemental and permanent staffing of ARNP’s, PA’s and Administrative staff. The employees referred by Med Place are professional, caring and knowledgeable.

The Med Place recruiters and credentialing staff have exceeded our expectations by consistently meeting our staffing needs. We now rely on Med Place as our preferred vendor for the State of Florida.

– National Mobile Health Organization


April 6, 2011

We have a lot to thank MedPlace and it’s staff for the Continuous Care program that we carry with Med Place’s tremendous help. Out of all the companies we have that supply us with staffing, Med Place is the preferred one. Med Place nurses are always on time, professional and have the required experience; they go above and beyond for our patients and their families, which is what we prefer. Not only does Med Place have outstanding staff, but also all of the documentation and formalities of the office aspect of the CC program are efficiently managed. This makes our duty easier to care for. The paperwork is always on time and communication is always present. We look forward to keep doing business with MedPlace Staffing Solutions and we value your time and effort in making certain the quality of service Med Place provides is exceptional.

– Hospice Organization in Miami, FL


July 17, 2010

Our core as a business is Health & Wellness Management. We have software applications and programs that aid us in maintaining healthy workplaces for our clients. Med Place Staffing Solutions plays an instrumental role in that we are able to take the results from the screenings that they assist us with and follow up with our clients, providing a wellness plan designed to their specific needs.

With all the hype of jobs, rushing, etc, sometimes it is overlooked. I want to personally thank Med Place Staffing Solutions for all of the hard work put forth in consistently staffing qualified, skilled and professional staff to meet all of our requests. I’m personally appreciative of the way that Med Place handles cancellations by being fully equipped with personnel. Med Place is capable of replacing personnel in a timely and seamless fashion.

– National Health & Wellness Management Company


May 25, 2010

Med Place Staffing Solutions has been a tremendous asset to our organization. They are the first firm that we call because of how quickly they respond and fill our cases. Their nurses are available 24/7, trained for hospice and offer quality patient care to our facilities and patients throughout Miami Dade County and the surrounding areas.

– Hospice Organization in Miami, FL


May 25, 2010

Med Place Staffing Solutions has been helpful to our company with filling our vacant case manager and social worker positions. Now that they offer temporary staffing for LPN’s and HHA’s our organization has benefited tremendously from this service. We recommend their services to our clients.

– Home Health Agency in Miami, Florida


February 10, 2010

We originally received Med Place Staffing Solution’s information from a very satisfied medical colleague of ours. When we contacted them about helping us find qualified and credentialed medical professionals to help with the relief of Haiti after the earthquake of January 12, 2010, the Med Place team immediately became involved with our program by contributing their staffing services and donating sleeping bags, water and other supplies to the NBP Team. We truly appreciate everything that they have contributed to our organization.

– Non For Profit Organization in South Florida


January 15, 2009

NHCC offers project and practice management services for educational and healthcare institutions across the United States. One of the services that we offer to our clients is the evaluation of their current staffing needs. NHCC has worked with over 5 staffing firms in the past. As of May, 2009 we have decided to only utilize Med Place Staffing Solutions. The staff has become a vital asset to our company and our clients. Med Place Staffing Solutions has proven the ability to provide top quality staff to our clients nation wide.

– National Healthcare Consulting Company


June 4, 2009

I have and still work with other staffing agencies but none of them compare to the personal attention and professionalism that I have received from my Med Place Recruiter. They are always the first to come up with qualified, credentialed and professional staff.

– Diagnostic Imaging Company in South Carolina